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Code 510 was created with a clear purpose in mind; to provide innovative performance, body enhancements and must have niche products that are designed to provide the consumer with the most satisfaction. Code 510 will accomplish this mission by designing, marketing, and distributing the highest quality products and services that contribute to our success, while creating enthusiasm through leadership, knowledgeable associates and the highest standards of excellence.

Code 510 Core Values:

1. Customer Service. This is at the top of our list because its our top priority. We know that our biggest asset is our customers!

2. Honesty and Morals. In order to offer the best customer service we need to be honest. If a part isn't in stock then we will let you know. If we messed up your order, we admit it and make it right. Its the right way to operate a business and the only way we know how.

3. Be an Expert. We believe that in order to properly serve you, we need to be experts. Experts at all the products we offer and the cars you drive. Without knowing these we can't offer excellent customer service.

For more product and pricing information please visit our website at Code 510.

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