I'd like to give Paul and the guys at Hydratech Braking Systems, or Hydroboost.com as
most know them, a shout out for the great service and product.  All too often the internet
can be a source of uninformed negativity.  I'd like to take a little space here on my website
to give Paul the props that his service and product deserve.
I have a Hydroboost assist unit on my 69 Camaro, and believe me, it flat out works.  It
exceeded my expectations.  I have modern brake pedal feel and power without ever having
to worry about vacuum.
When I ordered it, I was a little apprehensive as I didn't have a lot of feedback at the time,
but I had seen a few other cars with it installed.  I knew I had to do something, and this
looked like a clear winner over a vacuum canister or an electric vacuum pump.  I got the
kit, it took a few hours to install.  Everything went well, except I didn't have the right fitting
that went into the pump.  I had a male fitting on the pump and a male fitting on the
braided high pressure side that goes to the inlet of the Hydroboost unit.  I called Paul the 
next day to see what was going on.  After some research on his end, we found that the
pump on my 69 wasn't the pump that was originally on the car, and I needed the
correct female fitting.  No problem, Paul sent a new fitting and I had the car on the
road in no time.  Paul's kit now includes both fittings so this won't happen again.  A few
months after I had Hydroboost, I was at the track.  On one of my passes, the motor died
as I went through the traps.  Not only did the reserve give me power assist, it felt like it
always did - even with a dead motor.  I'm now a firm believer in this product.

So why am I telling you all of this?  Well, I get a lot of e-mail about it, and I wanted to
repay the favor to Paul.  I felt he went out of his way to help a customer so I want to go out
of my way to repay him.  In this day and age of buying parts over the internet, it's nice to
know that customer service is still a priority at some places.
Several of the cars that are featured on Lateral-g.net use Paul's Hydroboost unit.  You can
see it on my 69 Camaro, Trush's 69 Pro-Touring Pace Car, Bernard's Twin Turbo
69 Camaro, DuPont's Project NickelBack 55 Chevy, Williams' Twin Turbo Vette, 
and Campbell's ProCharged 69 Camaro.

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