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02-20-2006, 11:04 PM
Any body have one in a 540?

02-21-2006, 03:41 PM
Any body?

02-21-2006, 04:01 PM
Sorry about my naive response, but is a "Mega Squirt" a Nitrous system ?

02-21-2006, 04:36 PM
Sorry about my naive response, but is a "Mega Squirt" a Nitrous system ?

Nope. It's a build it yourself fuel injection setup. Google it, I'm sure youll find some info.

02-21-2006, 10:34 PM
540 -
The only useful info I can give you is that I have a 540 using 96 lb/hr injectors with forced induction on a sheet metal intake.

02-22-2006, 01:06 AM
Speedster are runnig a Mega squirt?

02-22-2006, 01:14 AM
no one i know is running it on a 540 but i know a whole lot of people running it on other cars, such as mustangs, dsms, chevy truck. did you have a question? or just seeing if anyone else has done it. i know i can get the question answered for you.

02-22-2006, 01:30 PM
Yes i was looking at there web site and the lates unit (3) can't run sequential is that correct? Do most of the people that you know built their own units or did hey buy a custom built one? How hard will it be to find someone who has a map for a 540 just to get started?

02-22-2006, 04:41 PM
Sorry, didn't mean to mislead you, I am running an Electromotive TEC3 and crank trigger ignition.

02-22-2006, 05:05 PM
How does that set up rum are you happy with it? How much did it run you?
Do you have any pictures of it.

02-23-2006, 10:18 AM
It's going on the dyno in a few weeks. I'll have all of the data then. Just waiting for a one-off harmonic dampener from ATI. They needed 7 weeks to make it - go figure. For pricing, call Tom Nelson at Nelson Racing Engines (818)998-5593. He is a Lateral-g sponsor. Leave a message. They never answer the phone. :)

03-28-2006, 07:34 PM
I'm running a MS I on a single turbo 302 in a Ranger. It works great. I have a MS II ready for my 67 Chevelle when I get the engine together. I will be running a twin turbo 540 with 160 LB injectors and EDIS. The software has a VE table calculator to get you started. You can then scale the map to make it fat and work back down from there. They have auto tuning software for the VE table once you get it running. I've never used the expensive stuff so I can't give any comparison but the MS II has 12X12 VE and Ignition tables, and seems to be a full featured computer. Guys have set it up for traction control, knock sensing, and several other "factory" type features. The MS I kit is $140, and the MS II is $240. If you're comfortable soldering it's nothing to put together. It would be nice to see one of you high tech dyno shop owning guys or maybe someone who frequents this site with big time magazine pull, set one up and compare it to the $2000 computers on a 2000HP turbo big block. I know they've been shown in some mags like Grassroots Motorsports and maybe HR, but I haven't seen them shown on something full tilt.


04-13-2006, 07:08 AM
I am running MSII on a tpi sbc with a small cap 8pin hei. I finally got the engine running pretty good and the megasquirt is very cool!! I can change the fuel and ignition tables in real time while the engine is running. It is not forced induction yet, but someday it will be!

04-15-2006, 06:06 PM
How much power are you looking for man! A 540 on pump should make a solid 1300 hp on pumpgas!