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02-14-2006, 06:41 PM
Anyone ever run a baby blower such as a 142 or 177 weiand, any luck with it or any bad luck with it. I'm looking to add a little extra power to my chevelle. But don't want to break the bank doing so. Also i'm running e-tec 200 heads which require the vortec intake bolt pattern and weiand just came out with a 142 blower. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks


02-14-2006, 07:53 PM
They are very limited as far as volume; they'll make good low end torque but not much top-end power, and you can't spin them quickly enough to make good top end power without overheating the intake charge.

Their limitations are very apparent on larger displacement engines. Even if you install one on a 350 I wouldn't expect much more than 475hp out of the combo, but it will be fun stoplight to stoplight because it will produce ample amounts of low and midrange torque.


02-14-2006, 08:47 PM
why not go procharger,they have carb kits know to bolt one on.or my favorite a little spray,nothing like a 100 shot of nitrous.

02-17-2006, 06:31 PM
i used the b&m 144 for 8 yrs with no problems on a 350 i think it was one of the best blowers i have tried, I raced mild built bbc and did not lose many races. I tried the procharger after the 144 and was never happy with it. the 6-71 blowers i could not keep balancers on the crank. so i think its the best bang for the buck, if you want more power just add a 100 hp kit to the top and go.