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12-26-2005, 11:21 AM
Rattling the cage for comments, thoughts and flames....

I am considering my options for gauges and data logging on the RS Camaro. It is easy enough to use Auto Meter gauges, in fact I already have a host of gauges ready to use. Thing is that I am not completely sold on the analog gauge thing for this car. If it were a pure race car, yes, analog gauges with the tach clocked to be straight up at the redline and a selection of idiot lights for out of range readings (oil press, water temp etc...)

One option that comes to mind is a digital gauge pack- (I am not talking LED gauges like Cyberdyne)- While looking for a data logging option, a good friend of mine pointed out the following option-


I like it, I think it would work well in my car (especially with the upcoming LS2 + boost). It is different, looks cool, should be about as easy to read as analog and the warning lights are all there. Plus the data logging/graphing options are more than I would ever need, so that is all covered.

Another option is the Motec dash. The main thing there is that the dash does not plug into GPS for the data logging and mapping.


Anybody have experience with that setup or something similar? Anyone know of a competitive solution to this package?

12-26-2005, 11:32 AM
We used Autometer nexus gauges, they are data loggers. you can make a pass and play back the run, or a dyno run, or just cruising.

Damn True
12-26-2005, 02:39 PM
Im really impressed by the gauge set offered by Stack. I probably can't afford it, but dang they are cool.

12-26-2005, 08:38 PM
I've installed/setup/used several of Racepak's UDX line of dashes both as standalone and with the V300/V500 dataloggers and various sensors. They are easy to read, easy to configure and use, and if you get the "dash-only" UDX they are at a nice price point of about $700 (plus additional sensors.)


The MOTEC dash is awesome given the capability for GPS/track overlay capability on the datalog but they are EXPENSIVE (think $6000+ for the entry level dash) and you would want to use one of their ECU's to have a full feature set.

My only beef with the EL-backlit LCD displays is they have a tendency to get washed out and unreadable if you have direct bright sun shining on them (i.e. driving late in the afternoon).

The digital dashes are cool, as are the dataloggers; but you can easily get in over your head and spend a LOT of money. You really need to ask yourself, do you really need acquisition above and beyond what your EFI ECU can give you? If so, then yes an independant datalogging system can be worth it as you can install travel sensors on each corner of the car, driveshaft and wheel speed sensors, therocouples and WBO2 sensors in each header port, record crankcase pressure/vacuum, ride height sensors, etc. When it comes to this area I feel one of the datalogging+ECU integrated solutions (i.e. Motec) is the hot ticket as everything "talks" to each other rather than having an ECU and a datalogging package that function independantly.


ProStreet R/T
12-27-2005, 10:30 AM
First thing, exactly what do you expect from the car? Is it just to look super cool or will this be for race purposes?

Big one, what is your budget? The full Motec race dash and ECU is likely going to be in the $10k range when all is said and done. :willy:

I'll assume your going full standalone on the motor and not relying on the stock LSx pcm. Given that, what further dataloging do you need beyond what the PCM provides (be it BS3, AEM, etc.)

For gauges I really like the nexus setup, plus they look flippin sweet. And have the "idiot lights" built in, being that they will change color if they go beyond a given paramater. Expensive, and rather limited selection, but very nice setup.